Talk to the clients getting positive results & ROI from Luminali initiatives...

VP Marketing for cloud/SaaS solutions provider with a suite of tools used by 20+ F500 companies to improve their contact center and customer service results.  New business doubled & industry credibility grew just as quickly.  See their thoughts.

VP Marketing for a cloud/SaaS provider of a suite of e-commerce tools that seamlessly embed available rebates into e-commerce sites to immediately boost sales.  Their CEO's thoughts are here on the top right.

VP Marketing for one of the largest and well-known law firms in their sector known for high profile clients and winning important cases.

VP Marketing for a medical devices company reaching out to both patients and medical professionals to convey why this device represented a breakthrough in patient input, care, and control.

Previous clients include...

  • AuditSolutions
  • FunXS
  • VCarious
  • OurPictures
  • Handchannel
  • Epilepsy Foundation of Northern CA
  • DeltaClick
  • SportsWebOne
  • Annexient