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"You can do something personal and special for each and every customer.  It's up to you to discover what it is."  -- Doug Fleener

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4 Key Ingredients To Standing Out

The product must be compelling, but the message that describes it must be just as compelling or it won't stand out. 

The secret is to communicate clearly and quickly not just your difference but how your difference makes a difference in your customer’s perception of their life or business. Such a simple concept, but so rarely done well that it can’t help but differentiate you.

4 product positioning principles that will set your business apart.


Solve a Critical Problem

Nice features and strong usability are insufficient.  People are being pitched 100 solutions that all generate incredible ROI’s…or so they say.  The internal priority is solving a critical problem.  It could be filling a gap, fixing an issue, or tapping a market.  What’s the buzz?  What do people want most?  You must define the overlapping circles of what you offer and what the market’s priority issues are.  Focus on wrapping yourself around the overlapping area of those two circles. (read more)

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Elon Musk Is Wrong.  AI Isn't More Dangerous Than North Korea

Elon Musk's recent remark on Twitter that artificial intelligence (AI) is more dangerous than North Korea is based on his bedrock belief in the power of thought. But this philosophy has a dark side.

If you believe that a good idea can take over the world and if you conjecture that computers can or will have ideas, then you have to consider the possibility that computers may one day take over the world. This logic has taken root in Musk's mind and, as someone who turns ideas into action for a living, he wants to make sure you get on board too. But he’s wrong, and you shouldn’t believe his apocalyptic warnings.  (read more)

Beyond Data Capture: Using Insights to Improve the Customer Experience

In recent years, new channels for communication have empowered customers to take more control of the conversations they have with brands. But at the same time, this has also increased service expectations. While some companies would argue this creates customer experience challenges, it also offers opportunities for organizations to deliver differentiated customer experiences and better meet consumer demand. 

According to an Aspect survey*, 77 percent of Americans think companies that offer multiple channels as part of their customer service are easier to do business with and 74 percent say they provide better service. Each time a customer interacts with a company, whether it’s a Tweet, Facebook post, phone call or discussion board comment, valuable information is shared. Consumers have the expectation that the information from those exchanges are...(read more)