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Beyond Data Capture: Using Insights to Improve the Customer Experience

In recent years, new channels for communication have empowered customers to take more control of the conversations they have with brands. But at the same time, this has also increased service expectations. While some companies would argue this creates customer experience challenges, it also offers opportunities for organizations to deliver differentiated customer experiences and better meet consumer demand. 

According to an Aspect survey*, 77 percent of Americans think companies that offer multiple channels as part of their customer service are easier to do business with and 74 percent say they provide better service. Each time a customer interacts with a company, whether it’s a Tweet, Facebook post, phone call or discussion board comment, valuable information is shared. Consumers have the expectation that the information from those exchanges are recorded and shared from channel to channel so they don’t have to repeat to a live agent what they shared earlier in the week on an IM. Many companies trail the consumer when it comes to managing this information.

But the ability to capture data is increasingly becoming less and less of a challenge. Instead, the process of cutting through the incredible volume, velocity and variety of data to find what matters and make that actionable for the enterprise is today’s real challenge. In fact, over half of customer service strategy decision-makers stated they struggle with data and that creating a single view of customer data and information is one of their biggest challenges. (read more)

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