Combine the right team of people, skills, and effort with the latest online tools and generate sector credibility and most importantly, new business.

D. Andrew Neff, Chief Marketing Officer

  • Over 20 years in marketing and business development
  • VP of multiple companies, one acquired for $100 million
  • Consulted for 16 clients as founder of Luminali (formerly Radiate), most often as Vice President of Marketing at small to mid-sized companies when proven results and extensive qualifications are needed
  • Spoken at 15 conferences and events
  • Previous member, Board of Directors, two non-profit organizations
  • Background on LinkedIn and latest insights on Twitter   

Network of People and Services

Luminali leverages a network of experienced people and professional services as needed.

The people include a PR expert, a fundraiser, a graphics/web design guru, and a social content expert.  We leverage their depth of digital experience when the focus intensifies on their area of expertise.   Services used and preferred include marketing, sales, and database tools including Salesforce, Act-On, GoToWebinar, Squarespace and Marketo.